Home-sewn clothing brought to life!

From the Middle Ages to handmade witches' clothing

My name is Natalie and I am 32 years old. These three things describe me well: imaginative, dreamy and scientifically confirmed witch! ; ) Trusting my intuition is my most important value and I know that there are things that are invisible to the naked eye.

I grew up on a farm surrounded by woods and a lake. It was wonderful to spend so much time outside in the woods and with the animals. I love all the familiar scents of the plants and the forest. The wordless, energetic language of nature and animals has always been wonderfully profound for me.

There were also old rooms on the farm belonging to my great-grandparents that carried a very special energy. While playing, we found cupboards with old, home-sewn clothes. Perhaps a style of dress that my ancestors wore while still experiencing the deep wisdom of nature originally.

All these intricately made garments carried memories with them. I loved dressing up in these gorgeous rustic garments. It was as if they let me enter another world. A magical place that exists deep inside me. A place where anything is possible!

The lost magic

I worked as an occupational therapist for many years and, over time, many of society’s beliefs settled over me like a veil. I lost sight of my love for magical things and devoted myself more and more to socially recognized frameworks.

By working superficially with scientific standards, I created more and more lack in my life. I now realize that for years I had been subject to socially accepted principles.

Everything that does not fit into the “scientifically recognized framework” is not true! Medicinal herbs are humbug, magic only exists in fairy tales and spirituality is ridiculous.

A persistent pattern that many women fell victim to during the witch hunts of the Middle Ages. These “witches were in fact healers and were responsible for the health of their communities because they were the knowers and transmitters of an ancient wisdom that was passed on from mothers to daughters. They were the knowers of the secrets of empirical medicine! For this reason, they were known in the community as the “wise women”. However, the institutions that feared their influence called them “bunglers” before they were called witches.

Magic capes made from loden

One night I woke up and suddenly remembered that wonderful feeling from my childhood… Inspired by my grandma’s old sewing machine, my vision began to take shape. I sew fabulous capes! Capes in which women can always get to their magical and safe place. A place that is far away from the hustle and bustle of the modern world.

It is important to me that every woman can experience her magnificent magic. That she can draw strength to magnificently unfold her beautiful self. Every woman deserves to feel wonderful in her unique beauty!

I started by planning and creating a really beautiful pattern. I tinkered with the pattern until it met my expectations. I don’t follow trends and don’t plan to sew new collections every season. Everything is created through inspiration and opportunity. It is important to me that each cape radiates love, so that it gently embraces its owner and brings joy for many years to come.

Such unique, unusual garments that are handmade cannot be found in conventional stores. In today’s modern world, which is characterized by consumerism, the loving, unique piece that is waiting to write a story is missing.