Fairytale capes

Fairytale capes, your entry into the land of magic

Have you ever dreamed of a wardrobe that is much more than just a “dressing thing”? You’ll find your favorite handmade piece here ♡ It’s so much more than just self-sewn clothing made from fullingloden. A very special magic is hidden in my capes.

Beyond the medieval clothing style, my garments are also suitable for everyday wear. So you can fly to work on your broom in peace! ; ) Wrap yourself up in one of my lovingly crafted capes. Recharge your batteries by simply feeling great! Feeling gorgeous. Feeling protected.

Have fun browsing! ♡

“I believe that women in my capes can enter a magical world. A place that exists deep inside them. A place where everything is possible…”

Witchcraft knowledge and color vibration

Each color has its own vibration, which has an effect on the psyche, moods and emotions. This allows you to use individual colors to your advantage.

Sometimes, however, a color may speak to you intuitively. Trust your impulse! The wisdom of your intuition is so much more than our limited minds, which are always trying to analyze everything. Colors have always influenced our lives. Not just symbolically. Colors trigger feelings and associations and lead to unconscious reactions.

Walkloden has a very special energy. In the spiritual scene, it is often used to protect against negative energies. In addition, whale loden is durable and products made from it can last for decades. Walkloden has wonderful properties and is therefore also very popular in the outdoor scene.

Do you like the capes but think they don’t suit you?

Hey, it could suit you too! My capes are for witches of all ages! Here you can see women of different ages and sizes. They all wear my capes. Look how unique these women are and how great they look! ♡

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